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Alex – TMS Patient

“When I sought out TMS Therapy as a treatment option for my depression, I felt as though I had tried (and failed) literally everything. Over the years, I have tried at least a dozen different anti-depressant medications and seen countless therapists with little to no improvement in my symptoms. 

It got to the point where my depression was so severe that it was difficult for me to feel like my life was worth living. When I found out that my insurance would cover TMS Therapy, I was skeptical but cautiously optimistic. 

Spencer, the Director of TMS, was so kind and helpful, and she walked me through every step of the process leading up to my Initial Mapping date. I was definitely nervous, but she went the extra mile to keep me informed and answered all my questions about everything from insurance coverage to what to expect from the actual treatment. Dr. Chaudhri and his staff were so generous and compassionate; they made me feel seen and heard, which is something I hadn’t felt while in the midst of my depression.

If you are considering TMS Therapy as a treatment option, I highly recommend California Medical Behavioral Health. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful and knowledgeable the staff is! They really “get” it and make every effort to ensure your comfort throughout the entire treatment process. Thank you, Dr. Chaudhri and Spencer – five out of five stars!”

Kevin – TMS Patient

“I had the good fortune to have Lexi as my TMS Technician for nearly every one of my TMS Therapy sessions. I, like most, dread going in to “the doctor’s office”. However, Lexi truly made the experience so wonderful for me each day. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and inviting personality are second to none. Lexi always made sure I felt comfortable before and during each treatment. She was extremely attentive to the coil connection and placement to make sure I received the most effective treatment. Any time the coil lost connection, she promptly readjusted it and made sure to ask me how it felt before continuing.


In addition, she never made me feel bad for being late nor did she ever rush me out the door to get to her next patient. Always taking the time to treat me as if I were her only patient the entire day. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed my time with her each day. She exceeded any expectations I had for the experience with a technician. Going through with the treatment, it being 5 days per week, I was surprised that not only did I enjoy the sessions – I looked forward to them! “

Jennifer – TMS Patient

I have struggled with PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety for the majority of my life. Generally, I find medication doesn’t help AT ALL. I had done some reading and heard about TMS, decided to check it out. CalTMS folks were incredibly helpful and supportive. The 36 [TMS] treatments I received definitely made noticable improvement for my mental health. I highly recommend giving this a chance.

Jennifer TMS Review

Anon – TMS Patient

“TMS has worked better than anything else I have tried to manage depression. No doubt. I am a mid-50’s male, post-graduated educated, business executive. I have struggled with depression most of my life (and anxiety). I have tried all the medicines starting with Prozac many years ago, most of the SSRIs since then, and some of the newer medications. I tried light therapy thinking I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have tried meditation, I have read many books about how to manage depression, I am careful about my diet, and I have always exercised 3 to 4 times a week or more. TMS has given me more complete relief – with NO side effects – than anything else. After I started TMS I followed up with a psychiatrist, and told her I had stopped taking all medication and I felt good. She told me that almost all of her patients do much better with TMS than with medication. TMS seemed odd to me at first and I was skeptical; sitting in a chair like a dentist chair with a magnet-device pressed against the side of my head? It is no big deal at all. Minor discomfort during the first few sessions (minor), but after a few sessions it is completely comfortable. I also researched TMS extensively, and it is completely safe. Most importantly, it works. No more meds for me, thank goodness.“

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